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Who we are

The Manhattan Church of Christ is a warm, welcoming family of Christians from all over the world.   As students and faculty associated with Kansas State University and Manhattan Christian College, as military families and soldiers posted at Ft. Riley, and as members of a transient society -- we know that we all need the fellowship of God and of His people.

So, we reach out to one another with God's love, God's unity and God's purpose. And together we reach out to the campus, the community, the Web, and the World -- to increase the influence of God's kingdom in human hearts -- for their eternal good and to His eternal glory.


What are the service times?


9:30 a.m.: Bible Classes | 10:30 a.m.: Worship | Evening: Small Groups


7:00 p.m.: Bible Class

Cats for Christ Encounter

Cats for Christ

Cats for Christ is a Christian campus ministry serving the campus of
Kansas State University and the community of Manhattan, Kansas.

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Heart to Home Ministry

This ministry is based on Titus 2:3-5 & designed to develop meaningful relationships among the women in the church while encouraging deeper spiritual growth. 

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A Heart for Croatia

A Heart for Croatia is a ministry for the small congregation in Varazdin, Croatia and the Mladen Dominic family.

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